Russian software entrepreneur Pavel Durov, who runs the company behind the popular messaging app Telegram, has slammed US tech giants for abusing their dominant market position.

The latest tirade, which Durov shared on Telegram on Wednesday, was triggered by Apple apparently stalling the release of a new version of his messenger.

Our upcoming update – which is about to revolutionize how people express themselves in messaging – has been stuck in Apple’s review for two weeks, without explanation or any feedback provided by Apple.

The review is supposed to allow the app store operator to check submitted code for any possible malware and confirm it is up to safety standards, before users can install it.

Durov said the process was discouraging for his team, adding that one can only imagine the difficulties experienced by smaller app developers.

This harm goes on top of the 30% tax Apple and Google take from app developers – which, according to them, is supposed to pay for the resources needed to review apps, the businessman added.

The regulators in the EU and elsewhere are slowly starting to look into these abusive practices. But the economic damage that has already been inflicted by Apple on the tech industry won’t be undone.

Apple stands out among tech companies with the strict rules for its platform. Unlike with Google’s Android OS, Only Apple-approved software downloaded from the company’s store is allowed on Apple devices.

Durov earlier claimed the policy turns Apple’s customers into digital slaves of the company’s ecosystem, who have no choice but to buy its overpriced, obsolete hardware, while submitting their data to surveillance and censorship.

RT. com / ABC Flash-Point News 2022.

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12-08-22 16:41

Apples excuse is your paying for their good security (basically ) while quite good for normal people Israel has been selling to western governments -USA/UK a virus programme Pegasus that allows complete control over your iPhone even if switched off. Doing quite well from the sales as well as a second Israeli company -FBI bought it and UK spy services , they say (Apple ) that they fixed it but another exploit appeared. if you are not a criminal or posting anti- west ( pro Russia posts ) then I reckon nothing to worry about –I dont own a smartphone… Read more »

12-08-22 17:45

Apple has to pay for their new-ish $1 billion ++ spaceship bldg.
on the other hand, most of their developers are Chinese and Indians. go directly to the source china and India would definitely offer a workaround.

12-08-22 17:47

Love Telegram but don’t trust Pavel Durov since he is affiliated to WEF.

Reply to  Wild_Wild_West_69
12-08-22 19:43

I agree the WEF aims appear to what USA big Business want’s but not the USA government themselves its still full blown capitalistic. One of the aims is battery power and as we all know definitely NOT eco child labour used in the countries extracting the minerals required plus contamination from heavy metals plus a limited life cycle -battery replacement can cost more than the car is worth. In saying that Yandex is just the equivalent of Google goes out of its way to track you.Even Yandex mail which I use on my PC has blocked me reaching it myself(website… Read more »