In an environment filled with inflation fears and low interest rates, American investors said that they prefer to buy gold over bitcoin for the next decade.

Out of those polled, 13% said they would prefer to purchase gold and precious metals as the way to invest their not-needed money for the next ten years or more. This is down from the last year’s 14%, but still within the same range as the previous eight years.

On the other hand, only 9% said they prefer to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, up from 4% reported in 2019 and 2% in 2018.

Despite the increase over the last three years, most Americans said they were still uncomfortable investing in cryptocurrencies.

Out of those surveyed, 28% said they were “not too comfortable,” and another 33% said they were “not at all comfortable” investing in crypto blockchain.

The top investment choice this year was real estate, with 28% choosing this option. Coming in second was the cash, savings, or CD’s option.

In third place were stocks, with only 16% of American investors choosing them this versus 28% last year. In fourth place was gold, followed by bitcoin and bonds.

With low interest rates and the hot real estate market, it is not surprising that American investors like property investment right now.

A much more unexpected choice was cash. The strong preference for cash is ironic given record low interest rates and renewed concerns about inflation, and could be particularly damaging the longer inflation exceeds returns on cash investments.

While the pandemic has underscored the need to have sufficient short-term savings, cash investments do not pay off over long time periods.

Inflation concerns are not impacting how Americans choose to invest their money yet, with around 58% of respondents saying rising pressure pressures won’t change the way they invest their money for the next ten years. / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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28-06-21 20:38

Investments are all rigged to the bone, not even expert economists are able to explain what is going on? Basically most bribes are made to debunk Russia, China and me of course!