Unnamed Amazon India executives have been booked under the nation’s narcotics law, the police in the Indian central state of Madhya Pradesh said on Saturday evening, providing no information as to how many top managers were charged.

The executive directors of the US e-commerce giant Amazon have been charged in connection with the alleged use of the retail platform for smuggling marijuana in the South Asian market.


Police reportedly arrested two men with 20 kg of marijuana on November 14, saying the pair had founded a firm, Babu Tex, which was registered with Amazon as a vendor.

The marketplace was then reportedly used for smuggling the substance in the guise of stevia leaves to other Indian states.

Senior executives of Amazon India were being named among the accused under the country’s drug legislation due to differences in answers provided by the corporation in response to police questions and facts unearthed during discussions.


According to police, nearly 1,000 kg of marijuana, worth about $148,000, was sold via Amazon. Shortly after the allegations emerged, the US company released a statement, saying that listing and selling legally prohibited products is not allowed on Amazon’s portals.

The retailer also said that it takes strict action against sellers in case of any contravention. India is a major overseas market for Amazon. The company has poured more than $6.5 billion into its operations in the country.


Amazon India is currently the subject of an antitrust probe and is in the middle of a heated debate over multi-billion-dollar deals involving two of India’s largest retail chains.

The company’s legal representatives had bribed government officials in the country. Amazon claimed it launched an investigation into the allegation.

RT. com / ABC Flash point News 2021.

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22-11-21 02:51

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Reply to  Kaka
22-11-21 02:53

Forefathers of the current Indian Industrialists / business houses made their first 1000 Rupees by smuggling opium to China, along with their British masters.
Drugs are a lucrative business in India, operated by the kin of politicians, off springs of policemen and cronies of politicians.

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Reply to  Kaka
22-11-21 02:55

Dang, does my Prime subscription qualify for free shipping from there?

22-11-21 02:56

Surprised, anyone? Narcotics and other illegal trades go hand in hand with the highest levels of economical/political power. I still remember that drugs cargo raided in the port of New York, they found it was a Morgan bank ship, then let it go, just like that