New Delhi wants to encourage Russian investments and has invited the country’s companies to explore business opportunities and strengthen bilateral economic ties.

Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu offered to set a special economic zone for Russian companies.

Prabhu invited the governors of the Russian Far East to explore partnerships with local businesses. He has recently met with his Russian counterpart to discuss enhancing bilateral trade and investment.

They also talked about the possibilities of mutual cooperation in sectors such as mining, agriculture and tourism.

The two countries earlier discussed creating a ‘green corridor’ for the smooth transit of goods. They want to create a list of entrepreneurs or companies whose goods will be exempt from regular customs inspections.

Russia and India also seek to boost trade turnover which exceeded $10 billion last year. They have set a trade target of $50 billion within the next six years.

Moscow and New Delhi are interested in increasing the share of ruble and rupee in bilateral settlements. According to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, the share of settlements in rubles for exports is currently 20%, and for imports, at about 21%. / ABC Flash Point Trade News 2018.

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18-04-20 15:44

Smart move, that is how the Zionists also operate, isolate and use methods that protect the business.