Journalist John Pilger has delivered a stark warning from WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange. about the revelations and the lies and crimes of our dictatorial governments.

Assange is currently serving a 50-week sentence in Belmarsh Prison for skipping a bail hearing in 2012.

US authorities are seeking his extradition for his role in publishing classified documents, accusing him of espionage.

Speaking at a rally outside the Home Office in London on Monday, Pilger passed on a message from the WikiLeaks editor who, if extradited and convicted, could be sentenced to 175 years in prison.

The danger Julian Assange faces can easily spread to the present and past editors of the Guardian, the New York Times, Der Spiegel, El Pais in Spain, the Sydney Morning Herald, and many other newspapers and media outlets that published the WikiLeaks revelations about the lies and crimes of our Western governments.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
28-02-20 17:08

And now Assange has to die?