US Vice President, Mike Pence is planning a face-to-face meeting with the unelected self-proclaimed Venezuelan ‘interim president’ at the Lima Group summit, which will examine ways to put additional pressure to violently topple the Maduro government.

After security forces maintained loyalty to the Maduro government and blocked convoys of US-AID supplies –intended for the opposition– from entering Venezuela on Saturday, US-backed “interim president” Juan Guaido vowed to attend the Lima Group summit.

US puppet Guaido apparently wants to discuss a course of further action with the countries that have supported his claim to power, but is formally not allowed to leave the country.

However, On Monday, on the sideline of the summit in Bogota, the US regime former CIA hit man, Pence will hold a face-to-face meeting with Washington’s puppet.

A couple of days ago 3 ousted Colombian diplomats  left Venezuela on foot, while five people got killed and 285 injured in Saturday’s clashes on the Colombian side of the border.

The meeting in Bogota could result in a new round of sanctions, a senior administration official told Reuters.

The so-called Lima Group – formed in 2017 to oppose Maduro’s government – have rejected Maduro’s election victory and have been working alongside the USA and the opposition to topple the Venezuelan leader.

Fascist traitor Guaido has vowed to hand-over Venezuela’s oil reserves to Haliburton and Chevron to steal away the lucrative profits from the Venezuelan people.

RT . com / ABC Flash Point Coup News 2019.

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08-04-20 11:02

Guaido must be locked up for the rest of is freaking life, for high treason.

14-05-20 11:57

traitors must be hanged, just like in the old days?

King Kong
King Kong
01-11-22 00:39

Must be hit man boss!