Various unmarked warships are gathering along the coastline of Venezuela to ensure the promised humanitarian aid flow into the oil-rich Latin American country can be made possible.

The Dutch ABC Islands are ready to support the US invasion of Venezuela, after Colombia warned that it will not support any military intervention to endanger is neighbors sovereignty.

An announcement that Iran may deploy new-generation warships to Venezuelan waters is being regarded by analysts as the mother of all provocations, because it could alter the region’s geopolitical balance and almost certainly disturb the U.S. interests.

The arrival of these Iranian ships would upset the regional order. This is going to bother neighboring countries and “generate an undesirable situation. Iran said it could deploy two or three of the new Sahand destroyers to Venezuela.

These Iranian ships, with special helicopters, deployed to Venezuela on a South American mission could last for five months.

These actions, which are part of a script written in Cuba, would be designed to create an international conflict with the goal of keeping Maduro in power after Jan. 10, when his presidential term was supposed to expire, in exchange for handing control of the national territory to Russia, China, Cuba, Iran and other countries.

New Assembly elections are coming along as Maduro is willing to cooperate with the EU demands.

ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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