The US State Department is working to repatriate a family of 10 American citizens stranded in Syria, according to officials, the New York Times reports.

According to the report, the transfer would make them the largest group brought back to the United States from occupied north-eastern Syria, where they are being held by a Kurdish-led militia.

The American government has repatriated 40 such citizens since 2016 — 25 children and 15 adults, according to the State Department.

The group consists of Brandy Salman, 49, and nine of her children, who range in age from about 6 to about 25, and all appear to have been born in the United States.

Ms. Salman’s husband, who was from Turkiye, seems to have taken her family and children into ISIS territory around 2016 and was apparently later killed, the report says.

The detention centers in north-eastern Syria typically hold the families of suspected ISIS terrorist militants. Much remains unclear about the family’s interactions with the group before the collapse of the so-called caliphate, the report added.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Karl not telling You
Karl not telling You
12-09-23 17:44

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15-09-23 08:17

The F-UK-US coalition has been working to working together with ISIS (Israel) since the Western military forces were not able to conquer Syria, so the terrorists group was established to destroy villages and towns in order to occupy the oil- and agricultural fields in the targeted Arab nation.