The USA and Poland were close to signing a deal that would see the establishment of a permanent American military base in Poland.

“Fort Trump”, would become the first military facility of its kind in Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War.

The base would see the number of US troops based in Poland reach a total of 4.500, including a special forces unit, that would also building and maintain a joint training facility.

Poland has apparently pledged $2 billion to the funding the project, which is part of a wider campaign to bolster the European Union’s eastern stronghold against Russia.

Poland, one of the US’ staunchest allies in Europe, is one of just six countries that meets the 2% defense spending benchmark set by NATO.

Deeper bilateral ties have also been noted by Poland’s interest in acquiring the F-35 instead of untested European-designed fourth generation jet fighters.

Poland is also poised to buy a number of US defense systems, including the possibility of acquiring highly sophisticated surface-to-air missile capabilities.

If the deal won’t be signed, Donald J. Trump plans to send 1.000 more troops to Poland in the coming months, a move that will be welcomed by the Polish government, but which falls short of the establishment of a permanent American military base.

Since the July 2016 Warsaw NATO summit, the Western allies have deployed four rotating battalions in Poland and the Baltic States.

Warsaw is also a champion of the strategic use of Liquified Natural Gas imports from the USA as a way to ween the EU off of Russian energy supplies.

New Europe / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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