A US military jet unexpectedly released a rocket during what was supposed to be a routine training flight near Tucson, Arizona, according to military officials quick to add that the illegal white phosphorus munition hit a deserted area.​

An A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraft flying a training mission between Tucson and Phoenix unintentionally released a single M-156 rocket in an uninhabited area” 60 miles northeast of Tucson called the Jackal Military Operations Area.

The M-156 warhead is a white phosphorus munition that can cause deep, penetrating burns and kill by inhalation and ingestion, but it is officially used for signaling and was notoriously deployed in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Gaza, and other places the US regime does not like.

Its use in civilian areas is prohibited, but the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Israel use its smoke-producing capabilities to justify its application, claiming any disfiguring burns or casualties suffered by civilians in the area are beside the point.

Was the aircraft just auditioning its desert-bombing skills in the hope of making it to Syria someday? Part of the 354th Fighter Squadron of the 355th Wing, it hasn’t left Arizona in 25 years, according to Air Force documents.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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15-10-20 18:50

Who needs to fight the US military these days, dropping illegal phosphorous bombs on its own people?

24-03-21 21:26

What was the pilot thinking, that he was still flying over Syria?