The American military remains combat-ready and prepared to utilize its nuclear arsenal if the US regime ends up in a major armed conflict even despite the challenges posed by the Corona-virus outbreak.

The Air Force statement clarifies that it began developing procedures to operate during the pandemic and keep its personnel healthy while the Corona-virus was still confined within China’s borders in January.

The developed containment plans allowed the USAF to limit the spread of the virus allowing both its aircraft and missile force crews to remain operational.

To achieve that the Air Force had to adopt certain measures ensuring “certain degrees of isolation” to keep the teams separate while preserving the ops of its intercontinental missiles and nuclear-capable bombers.

However, despite all efforts to contain the disease, some 6,754 servicemen have been infected across the American military, according to 29 April data from the Department of Defense.

The outbreak has affected several US foreign bases and two deployed aircraft carriers. The military has not always been able to detect the source of the COVID-19 infection with its origin on board of the USS Theodore Roosevelt still reportedly a mystery.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2020.

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30-04-20 12:05

Losers ready to destroy the world?