The Biden administration has continued its hostile policy of sending convoys filled with military equipment and supplies into Syria, while smuggling oil out. However, Pentagon officials now deny that US military personnel or contractors are involved in any oil-related activities.

A huge convoy of 45 trucks carrying military vehicles, equipment, and supplies flanked by fuel tankers has been sent into northeastern Syria by the US-led military coalition, the Syrian Arab News Agency reports, citing local sources in the village of al-Khazna.

The convoy is said to have entered the country through the al-Walid border crossing point with Iraq, which the Syrian government does not have any control over and therefore deems illegal, before crossing the M4 highway on route to former ISIS held territories in Deir ez-Zor and Hasakah.

The hostile US coalition has continued to strengthen its illegal presence in northeastern Syria, establishing multiple bases to protect and train allied forces “and other terrorist organizations operating under their command.

This all happens to guard its confiscated oil fields extracting resources and smuggling them abroad, while Washington has enforced an oil embargo on Syria?

The Pentagon justifies the deployment of US forces in Syria by saying they’re there to ensure the defeat of ISIS, which were formally ousted and defeated by both Syrian and Iraqi forces in 2017.

During his presidency, President Donald Trump openly and repeatedly admitted that “the only forces” he had in Syria were there to “take the oil.”

The Biden administration has walked back from this rhetoric, announcing last month that the estimated 800 US troops stationed in Syria were “not authorized to provide assistance to any other private company” engaged in the exploitation of the country’s oil fields.

Russian military intelligence has estimated that the US and their allies plunder oil from the remnants of local oil infrastructure, preventing these funds from being collected by their rightful owners in Damascus and used for reconstruction of Syria.

The US presence in Syria is not supported by any UN Security Council mandates, and Washington does not have an invitation from the country’s government to operate in Arab Republic.

Despite committing to reverse course on much of its predecessor’s foreign and domestic policy, the Biden administration has continued Obama’s policy in Syria, with local Syrian media regularly reporting on the back and forth shuttling of military vehicles, supply convoys and tankers into and out of the country.

In January, it was reported that 200 additional US troops had been transferred into Hasakah. President Biden launched airstrikes against Syria in February, targeting Iraqi forces Washington claimed were involved in attacks against US forces in Iraq.

Syria denounced the aggression, and the militias denied claims of involvement. Biden has consistently been a proponent of US intervention in Syria, cheer-leading Operation Timber Sycamore, an Obama-era classified CIA weapons and training program begun in 2012.

This of which saw the USA and its allies ship thousands of tonnes of weapons and billions of dollars to “moderate rebels” which media investigations later revealed were aligned to the jihadists.

In 2019, when Trump announced his (later scrapped) plans to pull troops out of Syria completely, Biden called him a “complete failure as a commander in chief” and suggested that his “reckless” and “dangerous” policy was “demoralizing the US troops.”

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Invasion News 2021.

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Loko Loko
Loko Loko
14-03-21 16:28

The convoy must be bombed. Period! such blatant acts of lawlessness, bullying and stealing must not be condoned by Syria and her so-called allies.