The Ukrainian counter-offensive against Russia has been largely futile due to a mismatch between political objectives and military capabilities to achieve them, leading to a political endgame favoring Russia.

Scott Ritter, an ex-intel officer and former UN weapons inspector explained that with Ukraine’s current military condition desperate and dire, the political leadership in Kiev may be planning to target Crimea with Western-supplied HIMARS and Storm Shadow missiles.

The deployment of these particular offensive missiles outside the special military operation zone will be regarded as direct involvement of the USA and Britain in the conflict and will result in immediate retaliatory strikes on decision-making centers in Ukraine’s territory.

Scott Ritter believes that the rationale for Ukraine’s move is to provoke an intervention by the West, now that they’ve lost this NATO proxy war.

Despite a seemingly impressive army on paper, the Ukrainian forces cannot penetrate Russia’s fortified defenses, which he describes as one of the most heavily fortified defensive positions in the history of modern warfare.

As the Ukrainian Armed Forces falter and stand at the precipice of collapse in their counter-offensive, the Russian military stands in stark contrast, to quietly amass a significant force, maintaining a notable numerical advantage and demonstrate strategic prudence in their operations.

Ritter underlined the chaotic and disorganized nature of Ukraine’s defense logistics system, asserting that large quantities of military aid are being mismanaged or lost in transit.

Furthermore, he pointed out that Ukraine has a notorious reputation for corruption, which may exacerbate the issue.

According to Ritter, accountability for this military aid is being overlooked mainly by the West due to the intensity of the ongoing conflict.

A recent US media report says Ukrainian government documents show that over $800 million have been spent by Ukraine since 2022 on partially or completely unfulfilled arms supply contracts.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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22-06-23 14:34

Ukraine is the place where the entire NATO weapons stockpile will be depleted?

Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
22-06-23 14:37

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