Scores of political commentators and journalists have highlighted the fact that Trump is facing criminal charges over crimes typically classified as misdemeanors.

At the same time his predecessors, who signed off on legally dubious drone warfare and humanitarian torture programs and lied Americans into bloody wars, continue to walk free?

The former president faces up to 136 years behind bars over charges that he falsified business records and conspired to influence the 2016 presidential elections.

Hush money payments to a former prostitute porn star started this with hunt against Donald Trump. He has dismissed all charges against him as a “witch hunt” against him by Democrats and pleaded not guilty.

Former president Donald Trump’s Secret Service security detail would be required to continue protecting him even if he landed in prison, a 1965 law on the protection of former presidents and their spouses suggests.

According to the law, the Secret Service has the obligation to protect the person of a former President and his wife during his lifetime and the person of a widow and minor child of a former President for a period of four years after he leaves or dies in office, unless such protection is declined.

Retired Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Joseph Cosgrove confirmed that the government-provided security detail would accompany Trump no matter where he goes, even if it was to prison, since they’re required by law to protect him at all cost.

The situation surrounding Secret Service agents highlights just one of the many firsts and potential unknowns that the US navigates after Trump’s historic arraignment on Tuesday.

Trump became the first former president in country’s 247-year history to face charges that could land him in jail. His alleged crime?

Hush money payments to an ex-adult film star and the falsification of business records in a conspiracy to undermine the 2016 presidential election.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Paul Chan
Paul Chan
05-04-23 18:00

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05-04-23 19:44

Turns out Trump wasn’t wrong when he said, two weeks ago, “they’re coming after me…” But the regime can’t seriously believe that he will go to prison over a payment he made to a (literal) whore 7 years ago, can they?!

04-05-23 13:16

Trump 20-24…..years in prison