The West continues to pour billions of euros worth of deadly weapons into war zones around the world, including Ukraine. Speaking in India on Monday, the head of EU’s executive arm, Ursula von der Leyen, defended this policy.

But, just last week, in the European Parliament, a number of legislators questioned the wisdom of pumping lethal weapons into Ukraine.

Also, it’s clear many EU citizens are against the enormous militarization of Ukraine by the West. Poverty is on the rise in the EU and so campaigners say the huge amounts of money being spent on providing weapons for the conflict could be better spent.

The European Commission insists the arming of Ukraine is not about prolonging the conflict? So what is the purpose of delivering weapons to the Kiev junta, one might ask.

However, a growing number of civil society organizations and lawmakers believe the West should be prioritizing peace talks over arms delivery. Otherwise, they suggest, there is no way of ending this conflict.

PressTV / ABC Flash Point Arms News 2022.

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