The new type of warfare is using economic pressure to trigger popular protest and then to leverage the economic grievances of the ordinary populace.

This is a historic opportunity”, whispered one of Netanyahu’s insiders. You have no idea what we can wheedle from the Americans now, what a golden opportunity we face when the USA is about to enter an election year.

Bunker busters bombs will be given to Israel once it signs the mutual defense agreement that Netanyahu has been working on.

And though Israel’s security establishment historically have opposed a full pact, Netanyahu’s associates insist that “the prime minister wants to make history in the next half year.

Why six months? Well, Netanyahu’s people, headed by minister Yuval Steinitz clearly state that a widespread war is likely to erupt in the next six months between Iran and its adversaries in the region, including Israel”.

The new Defense (War) Minister, Bennett, now threatens Iran on an almost daily basis.

Perhaps Netanyahu simply needs a war with Iran in order to survive politically,” one of the Blue and White leaders, but that is scary and psychotically dangerous.

Is all this hyped ‘threat’ for real? Iran has been very explicit in saying the purpose to its calibrated push-back is ‘pressure’: i.e. a counter-pressure to force the US to re-think its economic siege policy.

That is perfectly understandable, is it not? Or, is this hype just Netanyahu politicking in the lead-up to a possible third round of elections in Israel in the New Year that could see him ousted from power and heading to goal?

For a long time it looked like the spread of Iranian influence across the Middle East was unstoppable. Now, the entire Iran-hegemony enterprise is at risk.

Protests have been going on in Iraq and Lebanon for weeks, bringing their economies to a near standstill, and forcing their Iran-approved prime ministers to step down.

For now there’s no end in sight to the Western organized protests at the moment. This is the narrative for war.

The USA and its European allies, too, are holding Lebanon’s economy hostage to a resolution of a financial crisis (aggravated by the deliberate draining of US dollar liquidity from Lebanon to New York).

Also a US demand for a scission between President Aoun’s Christian party and Hezbollah – an alliance which effectively controls parliament in Beirut, and additionally, that demand that Lebanon concede its position over the East Mediterranean oil and gas demarcation – to Israel.

And, in Syria, US forces are trying to use the Syrian Kurds to block connective links between Iran and Iraq (tightening the economic siege), whilst Israel attacks Iranian infrastructure there, from the air.

In short, we are dealing with New Generation warfare: maximum economic pressure (and siege), to trigger popular protest.

And then to leverage these genuine economic grievances suffered by the ordinary populace, through inserting small, trained elements to seed ‘messages’ – and to resort to calibrated violence against symbols of the state (in order to seize media attention) – should popular protests flag, and require reviving.

But, the Iranian government, it seems, had prior knowledge of plans to stage attacks by ‘activists’, as a part of an (externally formulated and resourced) disruption plan. But that original plan indicated that the start of these actions would take place early next year.

This was exactly what the Iranian security forces wanted, and had sought. It enabled them to ‘smoke out’ the plot, and to arrest, or kill the ring-leaders.

US polls show no popular appetite for war with Iran. Yet climbing down from his Iran ‘tree’ for Trump, will not be easy.

The other off-ramp might be that Netanyahu does not remain as PM for these vital, coming six months to ‘write history’ and seal his legacy.

It would be both “scary and dangerous”, for sure, were Netanyahu (and close associates) to conclude that Netanyahu needs such a war to survive was so clearly warned.

Strategic Culture / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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13-05-21 14:40

Those world leaders are acting like a pack of hungry wolves?