The world is undergoing a tectonic, structural change. And yet, sophisticated in-depth analyses do not provide a picture of the social trends that are currently forming as they all concentrate only on one detail.

Otherwise, they would not be as sophisticated and in-depth and the writers would not be selling themselves as the gurus of something.

The decision-makers, who in these unpredictable days should display a clear mind and global understanding of the current social evolution, are flooded with ideas and interpretations that are irrelevant and ignore what really matters.

Ordinary people, who are not subscribers to the pro services of quality mainstream media, have a realistic understanding of what is currently going on in our societies and what is likely to happen.

By watching popular news channels, and without having access to the political analysis of the big names who shape the minds of their leaders, they have a better understanding of what is happening than those who are making decisions in their name.

The Cold War between the Communist USA and Capitalist China began shortly after Trump was elected as president and the administration took the initiative to put the US offense by slapping Beijing with tariffs, quotas, and import duties on Chinese goods.

But, do not be confused and make no mistake, both governments are pocketing our money now, as the consumer pays the price of higher import taxes on both sides.

However, the Chinese retaliation came from Wall Street and the European business establishment, which in the past decades moved all of their labor intensive tech and pharmaceutical factories, to China.

It is of course apparent that once China is fully contained and isolated from the world’s supply chain, the production cost of all major manufacturers will rise at problematic levels.

This will imply a catastrophic shock of unforeseeable financial effects on the West’s economies.

The current social trends and the need to isolate China are so significant that no matter who the next American president will be, the Cold War with China will continue and intensify as it has already reached a point of no return.

It will also prove useful as a diversion to tamp down the immediate need for social changes which, if not contained, will upset the core of the Western establishment.

An intelligent view of the entire chessboard at this historical moment shows, at “prima facia”, that the civil war has erupted in the United States, is solely aimed at defeating Trump in order to stop his war on China.

While it may succeed, this will not be sufficient to stop the American’s offensive against the Chinese Capitalists, which is likely to continue and become tougher after the US elections in November, no matter who is elected.

New Europe / ABC Flash Point Revelation News 2020.

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Kunta Kinte
Kunta Kinte
04-06-20 08:43

Its all about taking away the people money (power)?