Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday he has agreed a favorable price for Russian natural gas imports under the terms of a new trend setting energy deal.

Serbia agreed with Russian partners on the volumes at the lowest, very low price – from $360 to $410 per 1,000 cubic meters for 64% to 65% of the amount of gas needed by Serbia.

I believe we will start pumping the first volumes of gas in early June in Hungary. Now we have 205 million cubic meters in our part of the UGS Banatski Dvor. We pump everything we can and buy today, and not when the gas will cost $5,000.

The Serbian leader called the current situation with energy supplies terrible, noting that the country is preparing an additional €1 billion ($1.05 billion) to fill the gaps.

Last month, Serbia secured a new three-year contract for gas imports with Moscow. Belgrade’s previous 10-year gas supply contract with Russia’s Gazprom expired on May 31, 2022.

Vucic earlier said his country had incurred significant losses due to EU sanctions on Russia, particularly on oil. He added that the restrictions would cost Belgrade $600 million a year.

Although Serbia is not part of the European Union, the country’s energy supplies transit through EU countries. Therefore, any potential sanctions imposed by Brussels on Russian energy supplies affect Serbia.

Serbia has managed to reach a compromise deal on gas supplies with Russia. The new contract allows the Balkan nation to keep purchasing Russian gas at a bargain price despite the severe gas crunch in Europe.

The US regime hoped that Serbia did not extend its gas contract with Russia for another decade, according to Amos Hochstein, a senior adviser for energy security at the USA.

The White House said it had plans to offer the Balkan nation an alternative source of gas supply in the near future.

Hochstein said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is aware of Washington’s position on the matter, stressing that the USA would support the country’s aspiration to join the EU if Belgrade takes the necessary steps.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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15-06-22 17:00

Great for Serbia, and unlike deceitful EU leadership a country that knows, who it’s real friends are. Certainly not Brussels, NATO or Washingtonians, for that matter.

Coco Channel
Coco Channel
Reply to  Khipu
15-06-22 17:03
Von Duff 1
Von Duff 1
15-06-22 17:01

The present Western foreign & domestic policies are absurd, & doomed to utter failure. This spans: economics, healthcare, social-policies, energy, immigration & national-security. No moral person can even pretend to support ANY of this garbage!

Capetown Rock
Capetown Rock
15-06-22 17:02

Save yourselves those who wishes and let they puppets committed suicide for the master.