Russian military policemen have secured a village near Raqqa, formerly occupied by US troops, as Moscow continues to patrol strategic areas along the Turkish-Syrian border.

The servicemen arrived at Tal Samin, some 25 km north of Raqqa, the former capital of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), earlier this week.

Tal Samin lies near a strategic highway intersection that connects Raqqa with central and northern parts of the country.

The US military used to maintain an outpost there, until American soldiers, chased away by Turkish troops hastily left the area in October, 2019.

Russia and Turkey had earlier agreed on Moscow facilitating the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the 30 km (18.5 mile) ‘safe zone’ along the Syrian-Turkish border. The nations are now conducting joint patrols within the designated area.

The policemen have secured several US bases, including an airfield in Kobani, which were abandoned after US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of American forces from Syria.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Military Blog News 2019.

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08-03-23 16:08

Zionist empire digging their own graves?