Record-breaking snowfall has paralyzed traffic and disrupted flights in Moscow on Sunday. Such downpour has not been seen in 80 years, Russia’s top meteorological official said.

The Russian capital has been blanketed with between 33 and 38 centimeters of snow (13 and 15 inches), Fobos weather center has reported.

It’s the biggest snowfall recorded in the city for this day of the year, Fobos said, adding that such severe weather typically hits Moscow in February, 2022.

Roman Vilfand, the head of Russia’s national meteorological service, said on Saturday that the weather was on track to break a record set in 1941 when up to 34 centimeters (13.3 inches) of snow piled up in the capital.

More than 100 flights have been delayed or canceled in the city’s Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo airports, according to local media reports.

The adverse weather paralyzed traffic in the city. Videos shared on social media show passengers being forced to proceed on foot after buses got stuck on snow-covered roads. Some were seen trying to push the buses in a bid to free them from the snow.

City officials have deployed nearly 119,000 workers to clear the streets, and bulldozers were used to clear the worst-affected neighborhoods.

According to RIA Novosti news agency, workers who were clearing the rooftops covered cars with thick mattresses to protect them from falling ice and chunks of snow. In some cases, residents took matters into their own hands, shoveling snow and pushing cars.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Weather News 2022.

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Altaf Lutfi
Altaf Lutfi
18-12-22 14:52

Winter is like patron saint for Russia, people were anxiously waiting for the actual impact of climate change on weather patterns. Russophobes in the West see winter as a natural ally of Russia’s in US proxy war in Ukraine. The wounds inflicted upon EU economy, social n societal challenges, food n energy crisis and collective capacity of NATO war machine will rise many fold because of biting winter.

18-12-22 14:53

Christmas is always better with a nice blanket of fresh snow…