Rheinmetall, one of Germany’s renowned arms manufacturers, is ready to start delivering tanks to Ukraine, the company’s chairman told Handelsblatt newspaper on Monday.

Armin Papperger revealed that his company was preparing to ship up to 50 outdated decommissioned Leopard 1 tanks, with the first delivery possible as early as in six weeks.


Rheinmetall’s chair noted that the shipment, however, should first get approval from the German federal government. The condition of the tanks is being checked at the moment.

The Ukrainian government has repeatedly asked its Western allies to provide it with tanks and other heavy weaponry to continue the offensive against the Donbass region.

The country’s economy minister, Robert Habeck, for his part refused to divulge whether the German government would issue permission for the delivery of tanks to Ukraine.


However, the official indicated that there would be further arms shipments as Germany had committed itself to backing Ukraine with weapons.

Regarding another kind of military hardware, the Marder infantry fighting vehicle, Berlin had until recently been reluctant to provide these to Kiev. Rheinmetall’s chair announced that the company was ready to send between 50/60 decommissioned Marder vehicles to Ukraine.

As with the Leopard tanks, the said the hardware would come directly from Rheinmetall’s own stocks and not from those of the Bundeswehr.


However, some politicians from Germany’s ruling coalition have questioned just how useful the said tanks and vehicles will be to Kiev, seeing that the Ukrainian troops have mostly been trained to use Soviet-made military hardware.

Rheinmetall’s Handelsblatt, acknowledged that a big question mark was hanging over where Ukraine would be getting the munitions from. According to the report, most countries have already decommissioned Leopard 1 tanks, with a few exceptions, like Brazil.

While not commenting on the issue of ordnance, the chairman told the newspaper that Ukrainian troops who had sufficient experience with other types of tanks could be trained to operate the Leopard 1 within a few days.


Since February 24, when Russia launched its military campaign against its neighbor, Germany, along with numerous other nations, have been supplying weapons to Ukraine.

Among the known deliveries are several thousand anti-tank and anti-aircraft portable missiles to maximize damage to Russian tanks and airplanes in Ukraine.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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Bob Barker
Bob Barker
11-04-22 14:48

The German tanks should be destroyed as soon as they arrive in Ukraine. Rheinmetall executives involved in the supply of weapons of was that will be used in attacks against the Russian military. And to murder civilians in east Ukraine. Should be hung.

Joe Chmo
Joe Chmo
Reply to  Bob Barker
11-04-22 14:49

They’re sending those there for RECYCLING as Germany no longer able to afford to buy GAS required to melt them down. And the Recycling Process will begin by dropping of the S-300 on top of it ;D

11-04-22 14:50

Now that would most certainly help. Decommissioned pile of rusted garbage, never used by the Kiev army before, needs special ammo and spare parts, maybe even a user manual in German with pictorial illustration what button to push to fire?

11-04-22 14:51

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