NATO-backed Ukrainian forces targeted several settlements in Belgorod Region, Russia with drones carrying explosives on Monday night, according to Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.

The region had been placed under anti-terrorism operation regulations in the wake of a raid by a Ukrainian saboteur group, which also blew up the Nordstream gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

Late in the evening, several improvised explosive devices were dropped on civilian houses in the town Grayvoron, which is located 7 km from the Ukrainian border, Gladkov confirmed on Telegram. Two houses caught fire, but there were no casualties, the official added.

Grayvoron is the administrative center of the district that had been targeted in a Ukrainian intrusion earlier in the day.

A similar attack happened in the settlement of Borisovka, 25 kilometers further away from the border, where at least two bombs were dropped from drones on an administrative building, Gladkov said shortly after midnight.

Several hours later, yet another drone attacked a civilian house in the same village.

A group of saboteurs crossed from Ukraine into Belgorod Region earlier on Monday, forcing the governor to introduce anti-terrorism operation regulations and provide additional power to law enforcement to deal with the threat.

At least eight civilians were wounded during the intrusion.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2023.

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23-05-23 12:27

“Ukrainian officials, who insisted that the attack was carried out by the so-called legion ‘Freedom of Russia’ and the ‘Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK)”. Yes Nazis who were not tolerated in Russia and now live in Ukraine.

23-05-23 12:28

The drone attack was at the FSB HQ. Plenty footage available. Not some sheds. Give up on the pathetic lies eh. Everyone can easily verify.

23-05-23 12:30

Attacking Russian civilians has been the greatest pleasure of the Ukrainians since 2014. Russia has still some major cleaning up to do if the Donbass is to experience serious peace.