The Israeli military launched a large-scale exercise simulating war against the Hezbollah terror group, aimed at improving the military’s offensive capability. The goal of the exercise is improving the IDF’s attack ability and testing all levels in an integrated way.

The multi-day drill, dubbed “Deadly Arrow” will predominantly focus on how various headquarters and command centers work together and communicate in wartime. It was also set to include physical maneuvers by ground forces, naval vessels and aircraft.

The military said the exercise would simulate a “multi-front scenario focused on Lebanon and the Syrian Golan Heights.

The IDF believes that any future war against the Lebanon-based Hezbollah would not only be waged in southern Lebanon, but would also include the Syrian Golan Heights and potentially the Gaza Strip as well.

The exercise — the largest planned for this year — was significantly scaled back due to restrictions because of the Corona-virus.

Nonetheless, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi faced concerns and criticism within the military over his decision to go ahead with the exercise despite the pandemic.

The military warned Israelis that they were likely to notice a larger than normal presence of aircraft overhead throughout the country in general and that people in the cities of Haifa and Ashdod were likely to see large numbers of troops, vehicles and ships around the ports.

The IDF generally considers the Hezbollah liberation group to be its most significant military foe. The Iran-backed Shiite militia, with whom Israel fought a war in 2006, is believed to maintain an arsenal of some 130,000 rockets and missiles.

This presents a larger collection of projectiles than many nations possess and the organization has amassed considerable battle experience from fighting against ISIS in Syria throughout the country’s civil war.

The Times of Israel / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2020.

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25-10-20 11:31

Since the arrival of the Zionist state, the Middle East has been @ war with 22 Arab nations?

Reply to  Megaton
16-02-22 03:19

And now doomed to disappear themselves after nuking Beirut HARBOR blaming it on the Russians again?

16-02-22 03:21

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