Israel’s Iron Dome air defense systems are supposed to defend the country against rockets and mortar fire, but during the intense bombing campaign of May 2021, one of the rockets accidentally went after an Israeli fighter jet flying over the Gaza Strip.

According to the Times of Israel, the Iron Dome deliberately locked onto the Israeli Air Force F-15 Ra’am flying over Gaza and fired on it, believing it to be a rocket fired by Hamas and bound for an Israeli settlement. In another version, the missile missed its initial target and then went after the F-15.

Either way, the Iron Dome battery operators realized their mistake and detonated the Tamir just moments before it slammed into the Israeli jet, close enough to shower it with shrapnel.

The IDF made no comment about how the F-15 got targeted, since aircraft are supposed to use friend-or-foe indicators that prevent that kind of friendly fire from happening.

In the aftermath of the 11-day war in May, the USA rushed to resupply Israel’s stocks of the Tamir rockets used by its Iron Dome system, and for fiscal year 2022, Congress has set aside $108 million to help Israel buy more Iron Dome equipment.

However, the Iron Dome did manage to shoot down an Israeli aircraft during the 11-day war: a Skylark hand-launched reconnaissance drone met its end in a bit of friendly fire.

The Tamir missile fired at the F-15 uses a proximity fuse to detonate its 35-pound warhead when it gets close to its target. It’s unclear how much damage it could have done to the F-15, but where it struck would have been of great importance.

The Skylark drone it shot down weighs just 15 pounds and Hamas’ Qassam rockets aren’t much bigger, whereas an F-15 weighs an estimated 45,000 pounds.

Israel fired thousands of Tamir rockets during the 11-day war in Gaza, which lasted from May 10 to May 21, 2021.

Airstrikes began after Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, fired rockets at Jerusalem in solidarity with Palestinian protesters there, who were demonstrating against Israeli police actions at Al-Aqsa Mosque and in the several Palestinian-majority neighborhoods where Jewish settlers are trying to evict Palestinian families.

Israel responded with airstrikes on Hamas positions, and Hamas responded with more rockets, targeting other Israeli cities, as well.

The vast majority of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome, but hundreds still got through, and 13 people were killed in Israel.

In Gaza, which has no air defenses to speak of, Israeli aircraft bombed with near-impunity, and more than 250 people were killed.

Sputnik / ABC Flash-Point News 2021.

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17-07-21 12:47

With such an aggressive attitude it was a matter of time before this would happen?

17-07-21 23:07

Everything with these Zionist cowards is covert unless they operate a no-fly zone and swat the competition like flies. Their big brother Uncle Sham used to enjoy the no-fly zones, the easy prey but now receive a taste of their own medicine which they don’t like, more or less begging Iraqi resistance groups to leave them alone. Soon they’ll flee, tail between legs like they’ve done in Afghanistan from the rest of the Middle-East & Asia.