Israel deliberately fabricated lies and false narratives about what took place on 7 October in order to justify the genocide it is committing in Gaza with the aim of displacing all Palestinians from their land.

Over the weekend, Haaretz reported that an Israeli security assessment of events on 7 October based on an investigation by police found that the Palestinian resistance had no knowledge of the Nova Festival being held near Gaza.

An Israeli military helicopter opened fire on Palestinian resistance fighters but wounded Israelis attending the festival, which reveals many revelers were killed by Israeli gun fire.

According to the assessment, the gunmen had no prior information about the festival which was held close to the Kibbutz Re’im, near the Gaza fence.

Hamas said the report proves the [Israeli] occupation government has deliberately fabricated lies and false narratives about the events of that day, to justify the killings and genocide it committed with the aim of displacing the Palestinians from their land and homes

The investigation refutes all the official Zionist allegations, narratives and… lies.

According to the statement, an Israeli official has recently said forensic investigation showed that about 200 of the charred corpses from the site belonged to Palestinians, which refutes the falsity of the Zionist claim that the [Palestinian] resistance burnt the settlers’ bodies.

This confirms that they were killed by Zionist bombing based on the Hannibal Protocol, which stipulates the killing of prisoners and their captors to prevent capture operations.

These facts that are beginning to emerge about the process of deception and misinformation practiced by the occupation government… require a firm international stance, to stop these unprecedented violations being committed today in the Gaza Strip.

A view of destruction after Israeli attack on the apartment building belonging to the Ashur family in Khan Yunis, Gaza on Novemver 18, 2023. [Mustafa Hassona - Anadolu Agency]

All, based on false and misleading narratives, and to hold those who participated in these violations accountable, and to form a special international tribunal for war crimes committed by the occupation and its leaders against civilians in the Gaza Strip, the statement added.

Hamas called on the American administration, Western capitals, and the Western media, which have adopted the false Zionist narrative without verification, to withdraw their positions in support of the genocidal war against our Palestinian people.

All international laws and agreements have been violated, and to bear their responsibility to stop the aggression, massacres and crimes of ethnic cleansing against our people.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Grazna Sooka
Grazna Sooka
21-11-23 19:32

All Zionists are capable of doing is lying, stealing and murdering. Once you internalize these facts you’ll understand the nature of the Zionist beast.