The Israeli military has admitted that over the past 18 months it carried out more than 200 strikes in Syria, which it claims destroyed hundreds of alleged Iranian targets. Overall, 792 bombs and missiles were launched @ Syria since 2017.

Accusing Tehran of constants attempts to gain a foothold in Syria, and potentially deploy tens of thousands of soldiers on the ground, the IDF said that it carried out attacks against at least 202 “Iranian targets” on its neighbor’s soil.

Israel rarely acknowledges carrying out raids in Syria, but Damascus repeatedly accused the Jewish state of violating its sovereignty and aiding the terrorists.

Previously, Tel Aviv was accused of striking targets in other parts of Syria, including the outskirts of Damascus and on the border with the Israeli-invaded & annexed Syrian Golan Heights.

‘Aid-delivering’ Syrian rebels: NYT shows warm, fuzzy side of Al-Qaeda in Idlib

Imagine if Syria were the ones attacking Israel, for helping the Palestinian human rights, then the Zionist world media would be shouting in condemnation.

Israel has been targeting hospitals, schools, offices, homes, buildings, government buildings killing hundreds of thousands and just like in a Gaza where they call it “Hamas hideouts” here they call it “Iranian targets”.

No need to put up proof, it is widely documented, and lets be frank, just typical sadistic Israeli behavior, as has been shown for 70 years, and what is new now, is that the whole world knows about it, – it is no longer hidden.

Jerusalem Post / ABC Flash Point Genocide News 2018.

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Israel confirming war crimes?