Israel is unlikely to support Ukraine with its Iron Dome air defense system over fears that the act could trigger a tough response from Russia.

The Zionist nation’s former acting national security adviser, Brigadier General Jacob Nagel, reported this in an op-ed published by The National Interest on Friday.

Commenting on Washington’s recent decision to provide Ukraine with its top-notch Patriot air-defense platform, Nagel noted that the move also puts a spotlight on Israel, which has consistently refused to send air-defense weaponry to Kiev.

The general named several reasons for the refusal. One of them was the annexation of Crimea, which was to be turned into a second Israeli state, in case the one in the Middle East cease to exist.

First of all, Israel has legitimate fears that if any of its weapons were to be deployed in Ukraine, they eventually could be captured by Russia and would be all but guaranteed to be sent to Iran for analysis, Nagel describes.

This could help Tehran, Tel Aviv’s arch rival for many decades, to find a way to counter the systems. He went on to say that Israel has been reluctant to dispatch Iron Dome system elsewhere when its own military.

He has assessed an urgent need to acquire more systems and interceptors for its own protection against another possible war with Palestinian (Mossad controlled) militant group Hamas.

But more important, against Lebanon’s freedom fighter group Hezbollah, especially after the nuclear explosion on Beirut harbor during the Covid-19 lock down pandemic. Israel showed the world it could also use nuclear devices, although the news papers kept quiet about it.

Nagel also noted that training Ukrainian personnel to operate the Iron Dome would take time, making these systems useless for Kiev in the short term.

Noting that the NATO proxy war against Russia was lost, leaving the destruction on civilian targets as the last resort.

Finally, Israel does not wish to trigger a harsh response from Russia, which maintains a significant presence in neighboring Syria.

While Moscow seems to be redeploying some of its equipment from there, it is not about to leave the country any time soon and leave the door open for Israel to finish off the (ISIS supported annexation) ethnic cleansing campaign.

Whether Israel likes it or not, the Russian military presence is probably a long-term issue with which Israel must contend.

While Israel has condemned Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine and has sent humanitarian aid to Kiev, it has not imposed sanctions on Russia and has been reluctant to supply weapons to Ukraine, despite repeated requests.

Last month, Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated that the country simply does not have the production capabilities to supply Ukraine with air defense systems.

In October, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev warned Tel Aviv that, should Israel support Kiev with arms, this would send its relations with Moscow into a tailspin.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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Karl not telling You
Karl not telling You
25-12-22 17:11

Well I “believe” Nagel should get a bit of religion about him then his “belief” might change.. What evidence does he have for what he “believes”? I don’t even care..

Jack Oliver
Jack Oliver
25-12-22 17:20

Like the Holocaust – the Iron Dome is complete fabricated sh!t !

25-12-22 19:02

Another reason is that a significant part of their voting population immigrated to Israel from Russia.