The extremist Takfiri militants of the so-called Islamic State are firing American bullets to kill Syrian and Iraqi defense troops and citizens.

Investigators recovered more than 1,700 small-caliber munitions from the Kurdish regions of northern Iraq and northern Syria from July 22 to Augustus 15 to determine the origin of ISIS ammunition.

However, of the 1,730 cartridges in the sample, 73% were manufactured in China (445), 20% from the former Soviet Union, 18% out of the USA and 9% from the Russia.

Most of these Cartridges dated from 1945 to 2014, with only 10% manufactured after 2010.

Nearly half of the recently manufactured ammunition used by ISIS are 7.62 x 54R mm-caliber ammunition used in PKM-pattern general-purpose machine guns and rifles.

For 5.56 x 45 mm-caliber ammunition, a standard NATO caliber used by Iraqi defense and security forces, was the second-most-popular caliber recovered.

Despite its popularity, the 7.62 x 39 mm-caliber ammunition used in Kalashnikovs made up only 5% of the sample. Turkish 19 mm pistol ammunition, however, comprised a sixth of the sample and was found in both Iraq and Syria.

The Center for Public Integrity said between capturing arms on the battlefield and using stolen oil sales revenue to purchase weapons, ISIS has had little trouble procuring large quantities of ammunition from around the world, indicating Jewish crime rings involved.

“The fact that the armaments have such disparate sources — some were even made at a major U.S. munitions plant in Missouri — provides a cautionary note as Zionist-minded Washington prepares to undertake expanded shipments of military supplies, including small arms, to terrorist groups in Syria and to a revived Iraqi Army force.”

News Punch / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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