Iran will support any attempt to find a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine conflict, the country’s foreign ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanani Chafi said on Monday. He added that this included upcoming peace talks in Saudi Arabia, which do not involve Russia.

Tehran says it welcomes all efforts to find a political solution to the conflict. Especially after failed peace initiatives from Turkey and other non-Zionists countries.

Moscow, meanwhile, has stated that it will closely monitor the negotiations, set to take place in Jeddah early next month.

It remains to be seen what goals they set and what the organizers plan to talk about, said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, explaining that any attempts to contribute to a peaceful settlement are worthy of a positive assessment.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Saudi Arabia plans to host international peace talks on Ukraine on August 5 and 6 and is said to have already invited some 30 countries to take part in the event.

The negotiations will reportedly involve the USA, which will be represented by US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, the EU, and countries from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the outlet claims. Notably, Russia has not been invited to the talks.

The WSJ describes the event as a follow up to a similar meeting that took place in Copenhagen in late June, where Kiev and its Western backers attempted to persuade developing countries that have so far chosen to remain “neutral” to support Ukraine.

The discussions are expected to revolve around a 10-point proposal by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that Kiev believes will both ensure peace and create mechanisms to prevent future conflicts.

The plan demands that Russia withdraw its forces to borders claimed by Ukraine, pay reparations, and submit itself to war crimes tribunals.

Moscow has repeatedly rejected the terms as unrealistic and suggested that Zelensky’s plan signifies that Kiev does not wish to engage in meaningful dialogue.

President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, has stressed that Russia remains open to finding a diplomatic solution, while noting that Ukraine, the USA, and NATO have all actively refused to talk to Moscow.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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19-08-23 18:44

Thats “big ” of them I put it to Iran what about talks not involving them in the nuclear peace deal but involving their enemies ????

They were outraged and refused to accept others like the USA/Israel dictating what weapons they could hold to defend themselves — seems like hypocrisy to me , If I was Russia I would tell those other countries to ———- ,how about telling the USA/UK to shut down their overseas bases and stop threatening other countries — oh no ! they cry we are exceptional !!!

Reply to  Donnchadh
20-08-23 02:12

What would be a peaceful solution of the cold relations between Iran and the West? There would be none. And there will also be none between Russia and Ukraine. Zelensky/Biden want Crimea and Belarus and all the agro fields and minerals of Russia and and… Zelensky as the czar of St Petersburg. Would you agree if you were a true Russian.

Reply to  Nito
20-08-23 09:48

I agree with your take it on N ,you would need to be lacking brain cells to trust the USA.

Mrs. Puppyville
Mrs. Puppyville
20-08-23 02:11

The KSA has already discussed everything with Russia, and they are in full agreement. The KSA is helping its business partner Russia with a diplomatic mission by getting the Middle East behind Russia. You must know that. The KSA and Russia are both OPEC+. Business is first and if your partner needs help then you help him even if people do not think deeply enough to understand what is going on. Cheers!

Reply to  Mrs. Puppyville
20-08-23 06:32

For long enough Iran did not trust Russia –its well documented ,only now is it changing its mind . By agreeing to talks without Russia it is no better than Turkey and more to the point falling into the American trap of divide & conquer because America will say—-“look even Iran doesn’t agree with Russia “.

Russia then has every right not to trust Iran due to its Janus position.

America can be seen to be doing it when it pressurizes African States against Russia.

When propaganda rules the world the truth is only seen in actual actions –not –words.