The fact that America is funding Israeli expansionism is not new, however, if we delve into the scale of that broad daylight plunder of Americans’ taxpayers’ money, we must come to another more evil conclusion.

Blackstone Intelligence Network writes: “It doesn’t matter if you are a hard-working American. YOU are not entitled to keep your own income.

YOU are a cash cow for the Zionist state of Israel. America’s labor force is Israel’s Golden Goose. And I am going to show you the financial statistics to prove it.”

In America what is taught at American churches is, “if you want to go to Heaven, you have to support Israel”. Doesn’t sound like Jesus’ teaching to me.

As long as the US government is murdering civilians in 80 nations around the world, with definite concentration on Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, how can any American who gives money to the US government claim to follow Jesus’ teachings ?

The people in charge are the one you cannot criticize. Ever looked up and see how many active members of the U.S. Congress have dual citizenship with Israel? Well, that’s about 80%.

Incoming National Security Adviser, Charles Kupperman, made the claim Nuclear War with USA and Russia was Winnable.

Kupperman, appointed to his new post after Trumpfired his John Bolton from the job, argued it was possible to win a nuclear war “in the classical sense,” and that the notion of total destruction stemming from such a superpower conflict was inaccurate.

He said that in a scenario in which 20 million people died in the USA, as opposed to 150 million Russians, the nation could then emerge as the stronger side and prevail in its objectives.

In Germany people are regularly sent to prison for saying publicly they do not believe the official Holocaust story, presumably because there is no other way to defend that story than to imprison people who question it.

Jews in Hollywood explained to their mostly non-Jewish audience that anti-Semitism is a ‘conspiracy theory’, a ‘thought-virus’, and just pops up for no reason when societies are ‘dying’, and a bunch of other great insights that explain everything.

The point here is that Jews can find all the excuses in the world but, at the end of the day, they are responsible for most of the problems today just as they were in the past.

When you have the same people being thrown out of countries and cities well over a 100 times throughout history, it is not just because they had Jesus killed! Not even close!

Introspection is not a Jewish practice. For the Jew, it is always the other. This is supremacist thinking. The Jew can do no wrong.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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