Hezbollah, a Lebanese political party and militant group, has played a key role in Syria’s fight against a broad collection of terrorist groups in recent years. At the same time, the group is designated as a terrorist organization by Israel and its USA and European allies.

A global media black out on all other issues, except for the Corona-virus, has created a momentary lapse of reason for the ruling class to dominate us with evil measures that will lead to the destruction of its opposition in the world.

The Israeli military has published a video which it says shows a meeting between a senior Syrian military commander and Hezbollah militia somewhere in Syria, warning that Tel Aviv “won’t allow” the militia “to entrench itself militarily” in the Arab Republic.

The Israeli military has repeatedly targeted Hezbollah and other ‘Iran-backed’ forces in Syria in recent years, citing the group’s threat to Tel Aviv’s national security. The Israeli’s have managed to kill over 2 million Muslims since the start of the Arab Spring.

Syria has slammed Israel at the United Nations and other forums over its air and missile attacks, citing the crucial role played by Hezbollah’s assistance to Damascus in its near-decade long war against al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The Syrian government has also stressed its sovereign right to decide which countries’ militaries are allowed to operate on its territory and that Israel must keep their military assassins out of Syria.

Closer to home, Hezbollah has repeatedly clashed with Israeli forces on the Lebanese-Israeli border. Founded in the 1980’s during the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon, Hezbollah has since emerged as one of the most powerful and influential political and military movements in Lebanon.

It also clashed with the IDF in 2000 and 2006, with the latter conflict costing over 1,300 lives and billions of dollars in damage to Lebanon’s infrastructure before being halted by a UN-brokered ceasefire.

Sputnik / AB Canada Flash Point News 2020.

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10-04-20 17:24

Zionist occupation plans falling apart?

20-08-20 20:29

Any body who fights the Zionist are called terrorists, while the real professional assassins keep on pointing the finger @ somebody else?