A coup was attempted in Guinea on Sunday, “Jeune Afrique” magazine reported, citing sources. It added that the coup was organized by the special task forces led by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, who previously served in the French Foreign Legion.

Forces loyal to Guinean President Alpha Conde have detained 25 soldiers who participated in the military coup attempt. The military blocked the routes 50 kilometers from the city.


Reuters reported that heavy gunfire was heard near the presidential palace in Conakry, while many soldiers and convoys of military vehicles were patrolling the streets.

Conakry, the capital of the west African nation, is home to the presidential office, as well as many other institutions and businesses.

The only bridge connecting the mainland to the Kaloum neighborhood, where the presidential palace and ministries are located, has been sealed off, and that heavily armed soldiers were standing around the palace.


According to AFP, some residents who were reached by telephone in Kaloum reported sustained gunfire and said they had seen many soldiers telling residents to return home and remain inside.

Videos, reportedly of the incident, have emerged online, showing a residential area and shots and voices heard in the background. Another video shared online shows armed men in military uniforms standing near their vehicles.

Reuters has quoted a senior government official who said that President Alpha Conde was unharmed. The official, however, did not provide further details.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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05-09-21 17:24

the Israelis & France once again attempt to terrorize Guinea —- they supported the attempt in exchange for mining rights in Guinea — once again they fail ,,,,,, they attempted in 2004 – 2011 by bribing mamadie toure & other officals ,,,, but were caught ,,,, bsgr – Beny Steinmetz group resources & pentler holdings limited ,,, got caught — guinea – simandou iron ore bribery scheme …. I AM heb1959@yahoo.com

Reply to  HitlerlovesIsrael
05-09-21 17:25

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06-09-21 11:27

Moscow has called for an “immediate” release of Guinean President Alpha Conde, who was captured by rebel forces on Sunday.

06-09-21 23:49

The Coalition for the Restoration of Democracy (CORED), which unites 18 opposition parties in Guinea, said on Monday that the military takeover of the country is not a coup, as the ousted president had previously changed the basic law in an “unconstitutional manner.”

On Sunday, a group of Guinean military led by Mamady Doumbouya, the head of the army’s Special Forces Group, stormed the presidential palace and detained President Alpha Conde. Later on, Doumbouya declared the parliament dissolved and constitution void, imposing a nationwide curfew.