Russian private jets will now also be barred from UK airspace in an extension of a ban that previously included Russia’s major airline, Aeroflot.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had already suspended Aerflot’s foreign carrier permit until further notice in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military liberation efforts in Ukraine.

Putin announced he ordered a special military operation in Donbass on Thursday morning, insisting the offensive is needed to protect the people of the Lugansk and Donetsk republics from what Moscow sees as Ukraine aggression.

The Russian leader said the ultimate goal of the operation, which has since extended to the Ukrainian territories, was to demilitarize and de-nazify the country. Ukraine, the UN, NATO, the USA, and the EU all denounced the military action as an unprovoked aggression.

Russia responded to the original UK ban by announcing that all UK-registered flights were banned from their airspace. Aeroflot also announced on Friday flights to London and the Irish capital city of Dublin had been axed.

The UEFA has stripped Saint Petersburg of the Champions League final hosting rights following an extraordinary meeting of its Executive Committee. The Stade de France in Saint-Denis will host the showpiece event on May 28, 2022.

The Russian have also been banned to participate in the Euro Song Festival held in Italy this year. So the evil sanctions proved to stretch into the cultural sector and all international sports events.

The War in Ukraine against Russian speaking citizens living in the Donbass started 8 years ago, and Moscow does not want millions of refugees crossing the border into Russia, so it decided to end this proxy US Zionist war, now Kiev has showed it did not want to live up to the Minsk Peace Agreements anymore?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2022.

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Vlad the Vampire
Vlad the Vampire
26-02-22 15:00

They have no pass over Europe now that other countries, like Slovenia have done so too. The Russian people must love him for the poverty he’s inflicted on them.

Last edited 11 months ago by APB1961Curacao
Don Chien
Don Chien
26-02-22 16:37

Just wondering, will Switzerland freeze Russian assets ? … For that is were they are, Switzerland is still a untouchable sacred place where the whole corrupt world can still hide ‘revenues’…Politicians all over the world in particular..