Thanks to efforts from Egypt and the UN a ceasefire announced by Hamas held after a wave of deadly Israeli air strikes across the Gaza Strip emerged sparked by the death of first Israeli soldier since 2014.

In the meanwhile, this year Israeli snipers shot and killed 149 Palestinians living in the besieged enclave along the Mediterranean Sea. As usual Israel did not confirm the cease fire deal announced by Gaza’s Islamic representatives Hamas, which went into effect around midnight on Friday.

Since then there have been no reports of Israeli air strikes on the blockaded enclave or of mortar fire from Gaza toward Israel. The United Nations urged all sides to step “back from the brink” after months of increasing tensions.

So far, Israeli warmonger Netanyahu’s office and the IDF declined to confirm a truce was reached. But, there have been no incidents or Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip since the last wave of air strikes on Friday night.

On Friday, three Hamas freedom fighters were killed as air raids sent fireballs exploding into the sky over Gaza, while Israel said rockets had been fired back at its territory. A fourth Palestinian was shot dead in protests near the border.

The IDF soldier, shot dead along the border in southern Gaza, was the first to be killed in and around the Palestinian enclave since a 2014 war between Israel and Gaza, as the Israeli soldier was killed by a sniper on Friday.

The Israeli army said they struck 60 Hamas sites, including weapon manufacturing sites, a drone warehouse and a military operations room.

Gaza has been completely surrounded and cut off from the rest of the world since 2008. It 2 million citizens suffer from water and food shortages, while the IDF systematically advances and completes its genocidal program.

The Defense / ABC Flash Point Occupation News 2018. 

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