Ex-South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg drops out of 2020 US Presidential Race, after facing defeat in the democratic primaries.

The move comes following the presidential hopeful’s fourth-place finish in Saturday’s Democratic primary in South Carolina, and shortly ahead of Super Tuesday, where 14 US states will hold their Democratic primaries.

Democratic presidential candidate, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg suspended his campaign on Sunday ahead of Super Tuesday, the biggest event in the race, Reuters reported, citing one of Buttigieg’s aides.

The Associated Press reported that the former mayor, who finished Saturday’s South Carolina primary in fourth place, gaining zero delegates, has decided to end his campaign.

The young candidate, 38, who narrowly won the Iowa caucuses and finished a close second in the New Hampshire primary, ended the South Carolina primary only maintaining 26 delegates from previous event.

The gay front runner was overpowered in the voting booth by former US vice president Joe Biden who surged to second place in delegates, after front-runner Senator Bernie Sanders.

US President Donald Trump, commenting on reports that Buttigieg was leaving the presidential race, tweeted: “all of his Super Tuesday votes will go to Sleepy Joe Biden“.

Trump tweeted that this point in the race could mark “the REAL beginning of the Democrats taking Bernie Sanders out of play”.


Following the Saturday primary, Buttigieg campaign senior adviser Michael Halle and deputy campaign manager Hari Sevugan told reporters that the candidate was not likely to win any of the 14 states on Super Tuesday, according to the Washington Post.

The former mayor beat expectations for months, as the first viable, openly gay, candidate for the US presidential nomination in any party.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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01-03-20 22:52

Democrats are doomed?

04-03-20 11:31

Faggots do not deserve to be elected to represent the other peoples? But shit, now the gays can vote for another idiot?