Edouard Philippe has stepped down as Prime Minister after ongoing demonstrations against the government in Paris.

Philippe himself said he now intends to become Mayor of Le Havre, a city where he served for seven years before being installed for the second-most influential position of the French Republic.

President Emmanuel Macron accepted Philippe’s resignation earlier on Friday, the French presidency confirmed. However, the outgoing premier, who assumed office back in 2017, will ensure the handling of current affairs until the appointment of the new government.

France’s new Prime Minister Jean Castex will be placed to handle the economic recovery and reconstruction.

Castex praised outgoing prime minister Edouard Philippe outside the official premier’s residence and said he would continue the structural reforms undertaken by the former government.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point EU News 2020.

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Khazarian Jew
Khazarian Jew
04-07-20 13:11

Macron has to be replaced, he is responsible for the chaos in France?