The Defense Staff of the French Army doubted the existence of servicemen who allegedly wrote a new open letter warning of the “Civil War” in the country. The military stressed that the army’s duty was to “maintain restraint and neutrality”.

The French Interior Minster Gerald Darmanin criticized the military personnel who anonymously signed the controversial letter as lacking courage and urged them to run in elections.

Meanwhile, Minister Delegate for Industry Agnes Pannier-Runacher called the statement political. French Defense Minister Florence Parly, on her part, condemned the letter as “a big political manipulation” and accused its authors of aiming to divide and break the nation?

On 21 April, the French right-wing Valeurs Actuelles news magazine published a letter signed by over 1,000 military personnel, including some 20 prominent retired generals, who called on President Emmanuel Macron and his government to act against dangers of Islamism and religious fanaticism, which threaten to destroy French society.

On Sunday, 9 May, the weekly published another letter in support of the first, signed anonymously by active soldiers, warning that there was a growing risk of a “civil war” in France.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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10-05-21 23:12

It is anti-Muslim false propaganda fabricated by pro-Israel Zionist and powerful wealthy French Jews ( the French Jewish Lobby). The aim is to demonize and denigrate Muslims and Islam and path the way for aggression against Iran. This is the main goal of the leaders of the Israeli terrorists camp

Aussie Star
Aussie Star
10-05-21 23:14

First clear the Muslim hoardes, then eradicate the puppet Marcon, then to truly free yourselves, eliminate the Zio-bankers that control your country since the 1700’s… then you will have peace, like some other countries..