France has sent military police reinforcements to its overseas territory Martinique after riots broke out in response to a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine policy for health care workers.

Some 70 armed French police officers, known in France as gendarmes, arrived in Martinique to tackle the violent protests, marred by arson, looting, and contra-vandalism.

French Minister of Overseas Territories Sebastien Lecornu said in a press conference that social dialogue is not possible without a sound basis and that sound basis is the re-establishment of rule and law, including our capacity to re-establish democratic order.

Civil unrest broke out after France imposed a vaccine mandate for health care workers in Martinique, which has reported low vaccination rates amid high levels of mistrust in the government and faith in natural medicine.

As a result of the massive riots, which included an attack on the residence of France’s most senior official on the island, France revealed that it would be postponing its vaccine mandate.

Lecornu has blamed Martinique’s vaccine hesitancy on the island’s culture and traditions. He doesn’t want to stigmatize, but the mistrust over vaccines is a cultural issue.

Protesters, however, have argued that they are unable to trust officials with their health after previous cases of major misconduct.

About 95% of adults in Martinique have traces of a pesticide with links to cancer in their blood after it was consistently sprayed on the island for several decades.

Martinique was colonized by France in 1635 and has remained under French control despite various independence efforts.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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30-11-21 21:55

People will die from these vaccines. I agree with the protesters – no government has the right to mandate a medical treatment that could possible kill or injure people. Especially in combination with the two ingredients?

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30-11-21 21:56

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