The FBI interrogation of a Russian lawmaker is a hostile action that makes Moscow question if the White House is in control of its own national security apparatus.

Inga Yumasheva, a Russian MP, was held for questioning by the FBI while she was traveling to take part in the annual Fort Ross Dialogue forum.

This was the latest hostile action targeting a Russian official that will further hurt the already strained relations between the two nations.

The forum is one of few remaining venues where Russians and Americans can talk directly with each other and settle differences.

The detention of Yumasheva is perceived by Moscow as a blatant provocation orchestrated by the political forces in Washington that resist all attempts to mend ties.

It is quite certain that the USA, and the American people, are not in control of their national security services — and have not been for some time. It is an oozing coup that has been going on for decades.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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26-08-22 12:31

Arresting the ones that defend democracy?