Intermarriage among diaspora Jews – particularly those in North America – is “like a Holocaust,” Israeli Education Minister Rafi Peretz declared in a cabinet meeting, uniting much of that diaspora in shocked offense.

The Jewish community “lost 6 million people” over the last 70 years because of intermarriage and assimilation, Peretz told a cabinet meeting on trends in Jewish communities around the world, particularly in the USA.

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt called the remarks a kind of baseless comparison that does little other than inflame and offend.

The ADL tweeted an additional response in Hebrew, blaming Peretz’s statement for “add[ing] to the already existing tension between Israel and USA Jewry” and pleading with him to “engage in respectful dialogue.”

Jay Ruderman, president of the Ruderman Family Foundation, a Jewish organization that advocates for people with disabilities, said that the Israeli government has a moral responsibility to maintain and improve the country’s relationship with diaspora Jews in general, and with the American Jewish community in particular.

But Khazarian Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu shared Peretz’s alarm over demographic trends, claiming US Jews are abandoning Jewish traditions in a trend that is not easily reversed.

Support for Israel among American Jews has been declining for years, and Peretz’s comments – far from the first to compare assimilation to the fake Holocaust – are unlikely to heal the rift.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Religious News 2019.

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17-03-20 01:34

And the Ashkenazi Jews?