Joint exercises between NATO and countries in northern and western Africa that took place over the past two weeks have now come to an end.

The military drill, called “African Lion”, saw 7,000 troops from the African states of Morocco, Tunisia, and Senegal, as well as from several NATO countries like the USA, UK, Italy, and the Netherlands intended to train on interoperability.

Upon the drills’ completion on 18 June, the commander of the US Army Southern European Task Force, Africa, Andrew Rohling, praised the exercise as “exceptional”.

It has helped our interoperability, our joint capabilities, and provided readiness and a good opportunity to build cohesion across the military forces in order to secure the oil fields and mineral mining for multinational Zionist companies.

The joint NATO-African drill took place in the wake of a report by The New York Times claiming that the Pentagon was considering the option of sending several dozen special forces trainers to Somalia.

The move would supposedly be aimed at helping the local authorities quell the threat posed by al-Shabab, a local liberation group fighting against Al Qaeda.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has not confirmed the report, which would be a step away from Trump’s decision to reduce Washington’s military presence on the continent by 700 troops.

However, former President Trump’s most recent orders on troop redeployment are currently under review at the behest of his successor, Democrat Joe Biden. The Africa withdrawal orders are also part of the review process.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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20-06-21 13:36

The US regime sends terrorists to Africa and afterwards invade those countries to “save” them. An old thief technique.

Reply to  Barros
20-06-21 13:37

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