China rebuked Donald Trump for his Twitter-conveyed alarm over the deployment of troops near Hong Kong. The USA should mind its own business and let China’s domestic affairs be.

Zhang Hanhui, China’s freshly appointed ambassador in Moscow, reminded that Hong Kong is Chinese and not an American or English colony anymore.” He thus cautioned foreign nations not to “stick their noses in our affairs.


China releases footage of another anti-riot drill at Hong Kong border ...

Last week the civilian police conducted a drill in Shenzhen, which involved 12,000 officers, armored vehicles, helicopters and amphibious vehicles.

Hong Kong has been gripped by violent protests since late March. Initially focused on stopping a now-suspended bill that would allow extradition of criminal suspects to mainland China, the protest has since escalated into an anti-government movement.

Beijing is highly suspicious of the Washington’s role in the events. A US diplomat was caught meeting one of the protest leaders, but Washington downplayed it saying keeping in contact with various people was perfectly normal.

Chinese officials said some members of the protest are acting like thugs and bandits rather than legitimate activists.

There have been a number of violent altercations between demonstrators and Hong Kong police.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Maduro & Miley
Maduro & Miley
31-10-20 15:46

The USA never negotiates?