PHNOM PENH, Cambodia: A Chinese official has announced that an iron-clad partnership with Cambodia has been strengthened as a naval base is being built for the Chinese navy.

Cambodian Minister of Defense, Tea Banh dismissed fears that Cambodia would let China build a military base on its soil, claiming that Cambodia was open to accepting military assistance from anyone, and any country could use the facilities at the Ream naval base.

As a strong pillar of the iron-clad partnership, China-Cambodia military cooperation is in the fundamental interests of our two nations and two peoples, China’s ambassador to Cambodia, Wang Wentian, said in a speech at a ground-breaking ceremony at the base on the Gulf of Thailand.

The new port, near important shipping lanes and the contested South China Sea, will be deepened to allow larger military ships to dock, and will include a maintenance facility, dry-dock slipway and pier.

Attempting to calm fears in the USA and throughout the region that Cambodia might open the door to China’s military, Tea Banh said, that the Kingdom of Cambodia will not allow a permanent foreign military base on its own territory.

China News Network / ABC Flash Point Military Shipping Lane Blog News 2022.

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Picco Bello
Picco Bello
06-11-22 01:04

Good move, protecting their global assets?

Picco Bello
Picco Bello
Reply to  Picco Bello
06-11-22 02:29
06-11-22 08:44

USA 800+ bases abroad surrounding Russia/China / Iran tell me why any country other than America must justify its reason for having a base abroad ?? Total hypocrisy–stinks of elitism/arrogance and worst of all “Exceptionalism ” .

Number of foreign bases in America —-ZERO.