China ended the recognition of British Overseas passport as UK opens visa program for over 5 MILLION Hong-Kong’ers.

Beijing has said that the British National Overseas (BNO) passport will no longer be recognized as a travel document or form of identification in China from, when the UK’s new visa program opens to millions of Hong Kong citizens.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told journalists that Beijing reserved the right to take further action against Britain while announcing that China would no longer recognize the BNO passport, which is held by more than 450,000 people in Hong Kong.

The spokesman repeated China’s solemn representation on and opposition to Britain’s interference in Beijing’s internal affairs, adding that the UK must recognize that Hong Kong has been a part of China for 24 years.

The Chinese spokesman insisted that the move by Britain violates its promise to China and that the current BNO passport is no longer the same as the original one.

With the UK’s Hong Kong visa program opening on Sunday to an estimated 2.9 million BNO citizens eligible and a further estimated 2.3 million eligible dependents, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the move as standing up for the freedoms and values of the island’s residents.

In July the UK announced that it would be introducing the visa and settlement program after Beijing’s adoption of a wide-ranging national security law for Hong Kong.

The national security law was seen by Britain as a move to further erode democracy in the former British colony, and a breach of the joint declaration between the UK and China.

Conservative government estimates suggest 300,000 people could leave Hong Kong for the UK over the next five years, generating 2.9 billion pounds net benefit to the British economy.

Some studies suggest the UK has greatly underestimated how many Hong-Kong’ers will take up the visa offer, with some suggesting millions might make the move westward.

So in a single stroke China will make the BN(O) travel document invalid. That is the entire basis by which UK seeks to undermine Chinese authorities. What do they do now? Confer British Citizenship from afar on those who held the BN(O) document? UK has been check-mated.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Asia News 2021.

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Boer zoekt Vrouw
Boer zoekt Vrouw
04-02-21 20:10

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Boer zoekt Vrouw
Boer zoekt Vrouw
04-02-21 20:12

The only right move if Britain is seeking to undermine Chinese security?