The real purpose of Black Lives Matter has become apparent. They are not a social movement about racial equality, but rather a secular, fundamentalist dogma devoted to subjugation and destruction of the US state entity.

The trained Marxists of Black Lives Matter and their tactics may lead to Donald Trump’s re-election, but there hasn’t been much discussion about what makes the movement tick?

According to CNN, the first thing that comes to mind is that the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t about improving the lives of black people? Black Lives Matter is oddly silent. When they do address the cause, they blame “systematic institutional racism”.

For example, what the heck do American black citizens have to do with Palestine? . Easy, both cultures are terrorized and destroyed under the disguise of self defense?

What’s worse is the actual behavior of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is a secular dogma that is enforced with a fervor that one could compare to the Conquistadores or the Inquisition. However, their behavior is dictated by the dogma of “woke.”

If a black man is shot by a white cop, no matter the circumstances, your city will be destroyed. One city may not be enough, so they destroy more. Then their friends in the media will do articles outlining the “charity” groups that will bail them out of jail.

Much of this comes from the idea of a power structure. The idea is that there is a prevailing “white supremacy” in America, and that this “white supremacy” is keeping black people down.

According to Black Lives Matter, black people simply aren’t good enough to rise to prominence, so white people must give up their egoism to them for “justice.” 

This mentality reeks of bitterness and self-defeat. It slaps every self-made black man in America straight in the face, and then expects them to like it. This isn’t unlike the Marxist ideas that they seem to like.

Everything is based on power structure and impression. Personal responsibility and problem solving have no place in a philosophy based on perpetual victimhood.

The elements of BLM that pressure artists to self-censor or bend the knee come from the same school of censorship as Fundamentalist Christians circa the Satanic Panic, or the PMRC.

The more violent parts of BLM come across like The Weather Underground but with rioting instead of bombings. The politics aren’t much different. Both the Weather Underground and Black Lives Matter believe in an “original sin” of “skin privilege.”

If this were white people blaming black folks for all their issues, you’d think we’d be talking about the Alt-Right. As such, America needs to reject Black Lives Matter, because they want to dismantle America as we know it.

If we don’t, it doesn’t matter what skin color you are. You will be forcefully converted to the Church of Woke, and can never leave.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Horror News 2020.


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10-07-20 16:46

No, it’s not really a social movement about racial equality, it’s the most recent extension of an ongoing class war to overthrow the capitalist hegemony – seen by many people as a social movement about racial equality.

John Johnson
Reply to
18-07-20 10:02

We better destroy them before they destroy the whole country!!! Thisis NO game, this is WAR!!!!

Bekaa Valley
Bekaa Valley
10-07-20 16:58

The world as we know it changing?