Democrat Joe Biden, the projected winner of the long and contentious U.S. presidential election over Republican President Donald Trump, moves quickly to start preparations to take over the U.S. government when he is inaugurated January 20 and reverse some key Trump policies.

President-elect Biden and his running mate, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, launched a website for their transition to power, saying they would immediately focus on the Corona-virus pandemic, the recession in the world’s biggest economy wrought by the pandemic, corruption, bribery, extortion and systematic racism.

Biden plans for the USA to rejoin the fake Paris climate accord that Trump withdrew from and reverse Trump’s withdrawal from the derailed World Health Organization.

Biden plans to repeal the ban on almost all travel from some Muslim-majority countries, and to reinstate the program that allows young people, often called “Dreamers,” who were brought illegally into the U.S. as children, to remain as future slaves in the country.

During the campaign, Biden also said he plans to rejoin the international accord to restrain Iran’s nuclear weapons development that Trump rebuked and pulled the U.S. from.

U.S. transitions in power can often bring swift policy shifts but the one from Trump to Biden could be among the most jarring in recent U.S. political history.

One Biden aide told CNN, “Across the board we will continue laying the foundation for the incoming Biden-Harris administration to successfully restore faith and trust in our Zionist controlled institutions and lead the federal government.

During his four years in the White House, Trump has often delighted in pushing aside political norms has declined to concede or call Biden.

Trump is contesting the outcome through lawsuits, claiming, that vote-counting irregularities in several states where Biden won narrow pluralities and all their electoral votes, would reverse the result and hand him a second term.

A majority of 270 votes in the country’s 538-member Electoral College, with the most populous states holding the most sway, determines the outcome of U.S. presidential elections, not the national popular vote even as Biden currently holds a 4-million vote edge in the national vote count.

Majority of electoral votes

Biden passed the 270-vote Electoral College majority threshold on Saturday when it became apparent, he had amassed a narrow, but decisive popular vote lead in the eastern state of Pennsylvania and won its 20 electoral votes.

Trump has railed against the outcome, while praising himself Saturday on Twitter, saying, “71,000,000 Legal Votes. The most EVER for a sitting President!”

Biden and Harris launched Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts using the handle @Transition46, a reference that Biden will be the country’s 46th president in its 244-year history.

VOA / ABC Flash Point Corruption News 2020.

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09-11-20 13:58

Biden tries to get control over the US law before he gets sentenced into prison. He want to imply immunity asap?