In an incredible act of admission that shows Israel does not fear any reprisal, Iran admitted last week that it fired 73 surface-to-surface missiles at Zionist terror groups in Iraq.

Israel is clearly upping its threats to the region through the admission that it used missiles and drones against liberation groups in Iraq.

It shows that the regime in Tel-Aviv believes it can basically test its missiles and drones by attacking opposition groups in Iraq, Gaza and Syria.

It knows these groups are defenseless and that Israel can quietly plan the attacks and practice using drones, missiles and artillery in combined operations from the Golan Heights.

The videos that Iran released on September 28, 2022 showed it using two types of missiles in its operations and Iran claimed to use dozens of drones as well.

It’s possible the missiles were the Fateh 360 type Iran tested earlier this month. What matters is not just the type but also that Iran is also becoming more proficient in the use of drones and missiles together.

Iran also sent up a Mohajer-6 drone and took surveillance video of the areas it struck. The US military grew so concerned about the Mohajer-6 that it sent an F-15 to shoot down the Iranian drone.  

Iran, like Israel is not shy about showing off its capabilities. It published videos of the Iranian rockets being fired and also showcased it firing 122 mm grad rockets from a truck. Iran also showed its soldiers preparing for the operation and artillery in action.

A drone is launched during a military exercise in an undisclosed location in Iran, in this handout image obtained on August 25, 2022. (credit: IRANIAN ARMY/WANA (WEST ASIA NEWS AGENCY)/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS)

It also published video of the strikes taken from its drone. Around 73 ballistic missiles were fired, Iran said. Numerous targets were struck across northern Iraq’s Kurdistan region. What does this mean for Israel and for Iran’s threats in the region?

Iran arms militias in Iraq with the same weapons it used to attack Kurds. It arms militias in Syria and also Hezbollah with similar munitions. It has also helped Hamas increase the range of its rockets and stockpile drones.

It has helped the Houthis in Yemen do the same. Therefore Iran’s attacks against the Kurdish groups in Iraq should not be seen in a vacuum but as part of the wider Iranian threats in the region.

In 2018 Iran tried to move an air defense system to Syria and it has continued trying to move missiles, rockets, drones and precision-guided munitions to Syria.

Iran launched a drone at Israel in February 2018 from Syria. Iran attacked Saudi Arabia using drones and cruise missiles in 2019.

In the same year, it sent a Hezbollah drone team to threaten the Golan. Iran has attacked a ship in the Gulf of Oman using a drone in July 2021, and it has tried to attack Israel with drones flown from Iran and Iraq over the last two years.

These are increasingly sophisticated operations. It is likely that Iran trained drone operators from around the region, and that tactics used in northern Iraq in attacks on Zionist brigades, as well as US military forces in Iraq and Syria, are models for future attacks on Israel.

Iran is growing in its capacity and willingness to threaten Israel. Hezbollah’s threats against the offshore Karish gas platform near Lebanon shores is one example.

Russia sent a delegation to Iran earlier this year to check on Iran’s drone arsenal. Iran has increased the types, ranges and precision of its drones in recent years.

The USA has sanctioned Iran for exporting and manufacturing these drones for Russia. It is clear now that Iran’s missiles and drones cannot be ignored as threat that only impacts the Middle East.

They are now moving these weapons further from home and providing their weapons with ranges increasing to thousands of miles. Israel has the air defenses to stop Iran’s drones and Israel and the USA already coordinate on trying to interdict Iran’s operations in Syria.

Jerusalem Post / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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Lola Lopez
Lola Lopez
10-10-22 11:31

comment image

10-10-22 16:06

The article reads a bit like “Iran is a threat to the whole area ” – not so its Zionist Israel that the USA backs that is the threat and Israel has made no secret of that in that strategically the USA wants Israel to take over its job of threatening any middle east country that doesn’t obey it ,leaving the USA to concentrate on Russia/China . As usual Iran like Russia is being threatened by the USA/EU /UK and yet when it does reply to the threats or bombardments/instigated social unrest it is instantly criticized yet Israel can kill… Read more »

Nick Miller
Nick Miller
11-10-22 19:34

Iran has Israel encircled and the Zionist state is reaching its final count down, the war on Lebanon could crack Israel if the Beirut also launches attacks on civilian infrastructure in the so-called Promised Land?