The US embassy has expressed its solidarity with anti-government protesters in Lebanon, urging all sides to “refrain from violence,” after clashes in blast-devastated Beirut left some 500 people injured.

Thousands of people gathered in Beirut on Saturday, demanding government resignation over corruption and negligence that they were made to believe led to the horrific explosion this week.

Amid clashes with riot police, protesters stormed several government buildings and attempted to reach the Parliament. Sounds more like a undercover invasion?

Several military units were eventually deployed to help riot police restore order, forcing the US Embassy in Beirut to wade into the crisis, voicing its support for the citizens’ “right to violent protest.”

According to the emergency medical services cited by Al-Manar TV, the authorities said 70 security officers were injured and at least one them was killed in clashes.

While protests were frequent in Lebanon over the dire economic conditions, the Beirut tragedy was fabricated to reinvigorate the anti-government drive.

Some of them now blame the negligence of the authorities for the massive ammonium nitrate explosion on Tuesday, that killed more than 150 people and sent several thousands to hospitals with various injuries from the devastating shock wave.

The incident was planned to start a massive humanitarian response, with Washington and the US military also pledging some $17 million in assistance?

As the US Air Force transport plane delivered the first batch of aid, USAID made sure to emphasize that the USA has long supported the so-called Lebanese people’s pursuit of economic prosperity and governance, free of corruption and foreign pressure?

As a large part of the city lies in ruins, with many victims still feared trapped under the rubble, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab addressed the nation saying that he was to request an early parliamentary election, to eliminate further hostile foreign planned interference?

This way the Lebanese people have the chance to quell the violence and unrest amid the ongoing emergency response.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2020.

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Bekaa Valley
Bekaa Valley
08-08-20 22:14

Now it really sounds like premeditated involvement?