An actor was killed on stage at Moscow’s iconic Bolshoi Theater on Saturday. The performer was crushed by a heavy piece of the set during an evening show and died on the spot.

An evening performance of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera ‘Sadko’ at the Bolshoi took a tragic turn on Saturday, when a heavy stage decoration hit a performer on the head. The accident occurred immediately after the opera began.

While initial reports talked of a “falling” piece of decoration, videos of the performance suggest that the set had been moving as intended, and it was the actor who ended up in the wrong place on stage.

The artist, who reportedly received an open head wound, died on the spot. Media reports identified him as a 37-year-old actor who had worked at Bolshoi since 2002.

After the accident, the curtain was abruptly closed and an intermission was announced. Half an hour later, the show was called off altogether, after an ambulance and police officers arrived at the theater.

RT. com / ABC Flash-Point News 2021.

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10-10-21 17:00

This is really tragic, and should never happen. I know from experience how big and heavy some Opera sets are – but that is no excuse. No moving set pieces should ever put a performers life in danger, whether they are in the wrong place or not.

10-10-21 17:01

That is what we call in French; faire une sortie tragique. It is beautiful way to end a career at least. Painful but really dramatic.